Fair Trade

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Imagine a world wide web where you
could pay for your monthly Netflix,
Twitch, or Spotify Premium account
with your data.

Sound like a fair trade?

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Save. Trade.
And get paid
for your data

OkTY is a consumer-driven data
trading platform powered by the
attention and engagement of
consenting users. We give users
control over their data, so they can
choose who they trade it with. We set
a fair price for our users’ data, and
then share our advertising revenue
with them.
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think outside of the box

Rethink your
with data.


Your data is one of the most valuable
commodities on the internet. But you’re not
getting paid for it. Why’s that?

Because rn, brands don’t think they need to
pay you. And they’re right.

We’re here to change the way we buy and
sell data online. But that starts with you
claiming what is rightfully yours.


Treat your data
as a personal


On the internet, there’s no such
thing as a free lunch. So why are
brands dining out on your data?

Let’s renegotiate a fairer deal.
What if you could be using your data
to pay for the things you love doing

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Change the
World Wide


There’s a lot going on in the world
ATM. And, like it or not, everything
that’s happening is driven by our
data. The decisions each of us make,
every day.

We’re not going to change everything
overnight. But we are going to make
change happen, if we all take it
byte by byte.

Sound good?
OK, Thank you.

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What's our mission?
OkTY want to help every Internet user realise the value* of their personal data.

What can I trade my data for?
For starters, you can trade a month’s-worth of data for a month’s subscription to Netflix, Twitch, or Spotify + you’ll get some offers and discounts too.

How many spots open for Alpha release?
1000. More spots will open up as we move into beta and beyond. So stay in contact. Please and TY.

What data do I have to share?
We’re setting the gold standard for data trading. Which is a WIP RN. Because different data has different value to different businesses. What we do know (for sure) is your location, financial, and PII data is worth something to all of them. So that’s what we need access to; it’s also why we’ve created a Data Score.

What is a Data Score?
Your Data Score indicates how much your data is worth (to brands). The basic math is: the more you engage, the more it’s worth. Think of your data like FarmVille crops - when you give your data time and attention, its value grows. Unlike a credit score, your Data Score is something that you have complete control over, and is not determined by your spending past. So you can increase the value of your data + use it to access exclusive offers and discounts anytime you like.

Who can access my data?
Only people you say can. You’re in control. You give consent. And you can take it away.

* For individual gain and the common good.