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What is OkTY?
OkTY is the digital bank for your modern life. We transform your data into an asset you can save, trade, and get paid for. We’re uniquely set up to help you offset the cost of your digital life whilst making all online transactions safer and more rewarding too.

What does OkTY stand for?
Ok. Thank You.

What's the big idea?
To help every person on the Internet realise the value of their personal data - for both individual gain, and the common good.

Why should I care?
You’re being taken advantage of. And you deserve better. But sadly, the big tech companies profiting most from the state of the Internet right now have the least incentive to change their behaviour.

Which means if change is going to come, it needs to be driven by the market; starting with taking back our data, and doing better things with it.<

We want you to know what your data’s worth, and who wants it. So whenever it’s bought or sold, you get cut in on the deal.

This isn’t about burning everything down and starting again. It’s about taking what works and making it work better, and getting rid of bad practices as we go.

  1. Personal data
  2. Location data
  3. Financial data
  4. Gaming data
  5. Creative data

Save? Trade? Get Paid?
Save your data from being used without your knowledge + consent.
Trade your data with brands by engaging with their content + offers.
Get paid a monthly fee for your data + enjoy other rewards too.

Who am I trading my data with?
That’s entirely up to you.
Trade with confidence knowing all the brands you see on OkTY have been vetted and are subject to strict privacy protocols + compliance measures.

Am I in complete control?
Yes. OkTY gives you complete control and total transparency at all times.

On OkTY, what you do with your data is always your choice. No data changes hands without your knowledge and consent. Ever.

Turn your data sharing preferences off and on at will, and get total transparency over who’s accessing your data. No sneaky 3rd party cookies.

Because it’s your data.

What can I get for my data RN?
You’ve got monthly subscriptions that need paying, right? OkTY makes it possible to pay for at least one of them with your data. Choose from Netflix, Twitch, or Spotify Premium (for starters).

Can my data change the world?
Yes. Because who we share our data with is another way of putting our money where our mouth is.

It can be a force for good in the world - but only if we make it. Every little byte counts.

How many spots open for Alpha release?
More spots will open up as we move into Beta and beyond.